Our Philosophy

How We’re Different

We believe in strategy over tactics, relationships over commissions, and service over self-promotion. Our primary consideration is the best interests of our clients. In the long term, this is best for the firm as well.

We See the Big Picture

Markets are volatile, which is why George McKelvey Co. takes a big-picture approach to portfolio management. We are not day traders and we do not attempt short-term market timing. Instead, we stick to a long-term strategy based on what we’ve seen prove successful over time.

We’re a Team

In most advisory firms, there are multiple advisors relying on one support person. In our firm, there are multiple support people to each advisor. Reversing the ratio enables us to deliver a higher level of service and streamline every aspect of the client experience. There is always someone here to receive your call. Additionally, all George McKelvey Co. clients are clients of the firm, not of an individual advisor. As a result, we have multiple advisors contributing in the areas of strategy, management and reporting.

Limited Economic Interest

Our advisors are not held to production quotas or incentivized with product-driven commissions. Being a fiduciary investment advisor means we are required to act in our clients’ best interests – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Furthermore, we work on a flat fee basis with a nominal transaction cost, effectively removing any transactional interest and putting us on the same side of the table as our clients.

Clear Communication

Mutual understanding and confidence are built over time, and we consider keeping open, ongoing communications an essential part of our process.

At a minimum, every one of our Investment Advisory clients receives:

  • a monthly account statement from our independent custodian.
  • a quarterly customized portfolio summary.
  • a personalized letter from an advisor quarterly.

While providing general market insight, the letter is not the typical generic “market report,” but rather a deep dive into the client’s current portfolio standing based on what occurred in the financial markets over the previous three months, what actions were taken, what steps will be taken next and why. We also communicate regularly with our clients by phone and e-mail.

Investment Performance

We’re proud to facilitate the success of our clients’ portfolios under our supervision. Our ability to envision and implement customized investment strategies has helped us retain our clientele through their lives and into succeeding generations.